The Top 7 Tools for Developers to Move Applications to the Cloud

Source: CNCF

Are you a Software Architect or a Developer who want to model everything a code.

Or may be you are a developer who want to know how best to move my code to the Cloud in a secure and automated manner. Here are the Top 7 Tools and why you should use it

1. Kubevirt (To run VM’s in Containers using CNV plug-in)

2. PodMan ( A daemonless tool to run containers using OCI

3. Cri-o (Container run time that makes it possible to integrate multi vendor solutions using OCI compatible interfaces)

PodMan and CRI-O are container engines. They are front-ends to manage local containers. PodMan is designed with system administrators and developers in mind, while CRI-O is designed to satisfy the requirements of Kubernetes alone

4. Buildah ( A tool to build OCI images quickly . Easy to incorporate into scripts and build pipelines, and best of all, it doesn’t require a running container daemon to build its image.

5. Quay (A container registry and Repo holder to stores, builds, and deploys container images

.It analyzes your images for security vulnerabilities, identifying potential issues that can help you mitigate security risks

6. Skopeo( A tool to implement CI for container Images . It can inspecting and transport images,It can also copy container images from one location to another. If you want to copy an image from your laptop’s local docker storage to the local CRI-O container store .it can be done also.

7. Ansible A tool to automate Infra using simple YAML playbooks. it can manage both Linux and Windows above it its support of Python and large Networking libraries makes it a cool choice for both Infra and Software .

Finally never forget you need a CI pipeline for all your Apps also so use of Jenkins and Terraform is important .we need to see tools not merely as Infrastructure automation but also as Infrastructure orchestration


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Saad Sheikh

I am a Senior Architect with a passion to architect and deliver solutions addressing business adoption of the Cloud and Automation/Orchestration covering both Telco and IT Applications industry. My work in carrier Digital transformation involve Architecting and deploying Platforms for both Telco and IT Applications including Clouds both Open stack and container platforms, carrier grade NFV ,SDN and Infra Networking , DevOps CI/CD , Orchestration both NFVO and E2E SO , Edge and 5G platforms for both Consumer and Enterprise business. On DevOps side i am deeply interested in TaaS platforms and journey towards unified clouds including transition strategy for successful migration to the Cloud Please write to me on

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