Open RAN and Disaggregated Networks in Practice -Analyzing market dynamics in middle east

RAN and Transport is a real cash cow for Telecom vendors (Big 3) and a big $ dose for operators like us , if by any means Telecom operators has to make something out of Cloud and transformation this is where they must invest .

Here are our key findings based on market reality and Technology Radar in the Middle East market

  1. Cloud is good but Front Haul and Radio holds the Key for disruption , $1B R&D funding in 2021 is a must to keep pace with innovation , see Parallel wireless CEO thoughts here

2. Operators need to take a bigger role here , focus on skills than marketing if they have to get out of vicious circle from vendors i am open but better than them so take me,OSS)%20and%205G%20core%20technologies.&text=They’ll%20also%20jointly%20develop,artificial%20intelligence%20in%20the%20RAN.

3. Open RAN is a reality and not a theory , see our latest efforts in O-RAN WG3 and in TIP Open RAN 4T/4R

4. There will be minimum 40% Cost savings on both RAN and Transport with Open RAN

5. Integration on RAN will be a bigger challenge and somehow different than in Cloud , as today services provided by same H/W vendors we need to carefully prepare service delivery when multiple vendors and focus on

  • SLO/SLI for MV components
  • Testing and Certification
  • Life cycle Managmeent like upgrades and scaling
  • Can we plug play all components or a few

6. DSP , Silicon will be the key as current virtualization is only suitable for 4T/4R macro sites , we need to figure our Massive MIMO 64T/64R with 5Gbps per site will require high processing power on front haul and DU

7. Coverage and capacity both are important the question we need to solve is whether same site in traditional RAN like DBS will give same coverage as Open RAN in high multiplexing architectures , i think its not possible today but with DU becoming more powerful and Edge DC’s becoming a reality we will overcome it in TIP Trial planned in Q1 2021

A recent research report from ABI research with excellent thoughts and direction is below

Below you will find the finding from Market in Middle East based on analysis on green field networks , often the RAN guys think Open RAN can not interwork well but what i want iterate all of below challenges already we are addressing with in O-RAN and Open -RAN


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Saad Sheikh

I am a Senior Architect with a passion to architect and deliver solutions addressing business adoption of the Cloud and Automation/Orchestration covering both Telco and IT Applications industry. My work in carrier Digital transformation involve Architecting and deploying Platforms for both Telco and IT Applications including Clouds both Open stack and container platforms, carrier grade NFV ,SDN and Infra Networking , DevOps CI/CD , Orchestration both NFVO and E2E SO , Edge and 5G platforms for both Consumer and Enterprise business. On DevOps side i am deeply interested in TaaS platforms and journey towards unified clouds including transition strategy for successful migration to the Cloud Please write to me on

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