Developing Edge Solutions for Telcos and Enterprise

According to Latest market research most of 5G Edge use cases will be realized in next 12-24 months however time to act now for Telco’s to leave them a chance , reason is very clear this is enough time for Hyperscalers to cannibalize the market something we already witnessed with OTT’s in 3G and with VoD and Content Streaming in 4G

Below are my thoughts on

  • What is Edge definition
  • What is Edge Differentiation
  • Why Telco should care about it
  • Why Software architecture so vital for Telco Edge Success

Published by

Saad Sheikh

I am a Senior Architect with a passion to architect and deliver solutions addressing business adoption of the Cloud and Automation/Orchestration covering both Telco and IT Applications industry. My work in carrier Digital transformation involve Architecting and deploying Platforms for both Telco and IT Applications including Clouds both Open stack and container platforms, carrier grade NFV ,SDN and Infra Networking , DevOps CI/CD , Orchestration both NFVO and E2E SO , Edge and 5G platforms for both Consumer and Enterprise business. On DevOps side i am deeply interested in TaaS platforms and journey towards unified clouds including transition strategy for successful migration to the Cloud Please write to me on

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