Delivering Telco’s 5G Slicing BaaS(Business aaS) offerings through Enterprise and Ecosystem

With 5G Deployments based on 3GPP Release16 accelerating the appetite to bring value through slicing is increasing which is obvious as many of Telco’s were waiting for 3GPP Rel16 to bring life to some of new use cases which were obviously requested by customers but that were not viable both from technology and business point of view .

Now it is going to change with 5G Standards along uRLCC , Private Networks and mIOT are hardened and GA for market

5G slicing will spur new wave of industry innovation through logical split of infrastructure and applications as slices and NaaS offerings as #Telco’s continue to differentiate around throughput
,reliability, control and QOS
with slicing while ensuring enterprise needs of isolation and security .

But when we talk about slices we must not consider it as a piece of Cake but something that will have a legal business value and huge revenue potential . In addition it will have a Life that needs to be managed like Create, modify and delete a network slice, define and update the set of services and capabilities for a network slice, identify UE and its service requirements and associate it to a network slice .

Slice as a Service Components

For slicing to work the Slicing Manager must have following components

  1. Slice Design
  2. Slice Automation
  3. Slice modeling and Orchestration
  4. Slice O&M

Each of this is a big topic specially when we consider a model to automate both design time and run time . Similarly integration is slicing manager to SBI and to make sure it can enforce slices and monitor/manage them in real time is very important and requires a detailed discussion and not topic of this writeup . Lets summarize how to approach slices business and as Telco what are key focus areas and use cases

Slicing as an Ecosystem

It is true that Slicing is brilliant having said it is not simple and if we have to make it successful we need to make it simple through simplification like Open API for developer and promote System level interaction using platform level abstraction .

Delivery of Ecosystem is more important than ecosystem to promote such solutions compared to Closed Ecosystem vendor and solutions

At GSMA after early version of Network Slice requirements NG.116 we have already worked to capture key gaps and how to enable Slicing in live networks that will be summarized in NG.127 E2E Network Slicing Architecture and will be share with community soon . Here i will jut summarize key points to solve Ecosystem issues .

Slice Potential

According to latest industry research report shared by #Ericsson and #ArthurD.Little the Top10 industries will drive more than 90% of #Networkslicing requirements.
This is very important for #Telco’s to approach each use case and industry by priority and customers needs starting from low hanging fruits .

Following are top 5 considerations and TOp5 Use cases Telco’s must focus on

Telco’s Key Targets to enable Slicing Business Potential

  1. Start from brown field mindset with customers who already have some established business with #Telco’s like connectivity , infrastructure etc
  2. Telco’s need strong strategy like which industries they will closelty work and key use cases
  3. Understand enterprise needs and current Operating model all the way from Applications O.B to Managed services
  4. How #Telco can lead to control all ecosystem for enterprise in 5G using slicing
  5. To make new use cases work will need #Telco to take more responsibility like evolving from #connectivity provider to service creator
  6. Big enterprises are willing to partner with Telco’s if they can lead eco system and when offer E2E services with industry grade SLA’s

Slicing Top Use Cases

Following are top use cases to be considered for 5G in 2021 as low hanging fruit .

Main use cases are teleoperated driving, coordinated groups of platooning vehicles, automated lane change and real-time situational awareness.

Top2: Healthcare
Main use cases are remote procedures in emergencies, precision medicine and rehabilitation robotics

Top3: Manufacturing
AR devices will enable improved quality inspection and diagnosis for maintenance workers,
technicians and operators throughout a plant, as well as remote controlled robots and3D video-driven interaction between collaborative robots and humans.

Top4: Broadcasting and streaming
Typical use cases involve UHD (8K+) , VR ,360-degree video

Top5: Energy
Typical use cases involve Voltage monitoring , virtual Power plans /Video surveillance , connected remote windfarms

Ericsson Latest Report

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