Open-RAN as road towards network intelligence and Quantum networks

Last week a session in DT Telecom grounds by Prof. Fitzek raised bars on how to build future networks seeing the bigger picture is what an architect must do and here is why I feel RAN dis-aggregation is key the success of communication networks .

Industry Dilemma at large

Since centuries the way we build communication networks is based on set principles on how to transfer and retrieve information and that principles are now believed to be not true in context of detNets (Deterministic Networks) and randomness theory .


From the time the world has started first call in 1876 it has been about information and not Data but obviously belief’s we set was on assumption that data will be limited or at least in limits as postulated by Shanon and Turing

In other words the Einstein’s relativity theory or Shanon symbol limits all are true but obviously not optimized in the world of communication networks full of randomness and noise .


As per analysis by Dr.Fitzek all the communication based on Shannon’s channel theory is based on certain determinism let’s say 95% deterministic and all algos to encode and transmission follow this between transceiver and receiver however if we reduce determinism or alternatively increase randomness will mean we can build a more robust way to handle information in a world that needs huge data and need more ways to increase determinism to deliver many latency use cases .

Improved information

As data flux will increase and there will be more intelligence needed to process and bring forward meaningful data or we can see evolution of communication in a different paradigm .

Consider the fact the progression will be from networks that were entirely mesh and focus to information to internet which is resilient but less informative to an era where we will again improve network information

This all will be possible as instead of purely on message we will focus on what the intent was

A new 5G and 6G context will be focus on Why to transfer this information instead of what exactly the message from sender was

Open-RAN relevance

As we can see from all the architecture the two domains driving the rise of quantum communication networks are Edge and Open RAN .

  • Edge and Private Mobility as Information which are central will become de-centralized and will be processed at edge bringing only the Intent to the layer up

  • Open RAN as will re-frame
  • the sender by bringing and encoding only the rightful information and continuously tune it that is how communication networks will challenge the speed of lights and approach the Quantum limits

    Future Reference

    Following are some books and updates to my library to navigate the future . Best of luck

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